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At Real Estate Movers, we are the top long distance movers in Fort McMurray. If you are moving to another province or country, it would be best if you considered hiring a long-distance moving company. This is for several reasons, including convenience, safety, and the proper care of your personal belongings. You’d also be surprised to realize that it is not all that expensive either. And we are unlike the typical movers that show up on a moving day, load your furniture and boxes, and then transport them to your new home. Now, you have full-service long-distance moving companies like us at Real Estate Movers, who provide a wide range of services. These services include packing and unpacking. Also assembling large and bulky items like furniture, provide storage, custom crating, and loading and unloading. This assortment of services is why we are now the best movers in Fort McMurray.

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Professional Moving Company in Fort McMurray

Are you looking for a professional moving company in Fort McMurray? Then we are your affordable solution. We offer a wide range of moving options with rates that won’t gouge your wallet. With a big move, you have enough to handle without having to worry about how customer service will treat you. That’s why we offer excellent customer service that keeps your experience pleasant as we help you move. We take customer service seriously, and if you have any issues, please feel free to bring them to our attention. Our business is successful because of how we ensure only the most professional service for each of our customers. Not only that, but we are well-rated. Check our Google listing and browse through our social media. We are a reputable and reliable company here to tackle the hassle of moving, so you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

Why Real Estate Movers are the number one moving company in Fort McMurray

You want a company that tells it to you straight. And we value your business and aim to ensure that you get all the information you require to make your next move the best. Our customer support team will have open and honest conversations about timelines for when we are available to pick up your belongings and when they should arrive at their destination. You can also discuss storage options, potential moving dates, shipment tracking, and tips and tricks to make your move easier. If you are looking for a company of long-distance movers who understand the stress of what you are going through and will offer tips to help your move easier, then you know you are working with a good company. At Real Estate Movers in Fort McMurray, we strive to be a business you can count on while you go through a daunting move.

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Cross Canada Moving Services

If you are preparing to move across Canada to a new province, it is vital to choose your cross-Canada moving services wisely. It is a decision that can make or break your move. You want a company that will treat your belongings with respect and due care. Keep in mind all moving services are not the same. They will have different quality of work, protocols, policies, and customer service. Therefore, you want to be sure the company you pick will move you to your new home by providing you with a moving service that is affordable and seamless. The last thing you want is a moving company that will misplace or damage your belongings on the way to their destination. So do your research and ask questions about how their moving process works. At Real Estate Movers, we value transparency and are ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

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As reputable movers in Fort McMurray, we keep an inventory of your things to ensure that nothing gets lost throughout loading, unloading, and transit. We mark fragile objects and ensure that all your boxes will make it safely to your new home. At Real Estate Movers, we know you need confidence in your moving company. That is why we offer free quotes and advice and can do all the hard work of packing, keeping an inventory, and doing the heavy lifting when it is time for the big move. Recognized across North America, we also have strict protocols when it comes to COVID-19. We clean and sanitize our vehicles to keep our employees and you safe. Our truck is ready to move you weekly. And we will provide you with the information you need to prepare for moving day. Relax as we transport your belongings to their new home.

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